Juniper Services not found [snmp not working]

Hi all, iam completly new with checkmk. i try to add our juniper switches for monitoring but it wont work.

i got this error:

[snmp] System Error ( returned a result with an error set’) Got no information from host, execution time 60.7 sec

But i know the snmp configuration is working on a other monitoring software. other juniper switches, it does not find any services. i have no idea what the problem is.other systems like the firewall can be added without any problems.

Can you do a manual snmpwalk against this Juniper switch from Checkmk ?

If yes, what does cmk --debug -vII gives ?

cmk --debug list all my hosts …
snmpwalk works fine but takes long … more then 60seconds. is there a option to increase the interval? for snmp and check interval?

You can check this out Monitoring with SNMP: Troubleshooting in God Mode | Checkmk