Juniper TWAMP check


I’m trying to build a check for twamp in juniper devices.

my issue is for now with the snmp_info section.

I’m trying to use the .endswith() function but it gives error:

Error in plugin file /omd/sites/monitor/share/check_mk/checks/juniper_twamp: ‘tuple’ object has no attribute ‘endswith’

my code:

'snmp_info': (
        2,  #jnxTwampResSampleValue
        3,  #jnxTwampResSampleDate
        "1", #roundTripTime
        "2", #rttJiter
        "5", #egress jiter
        "8", #ingress jiter

The termination of the OID string is what defines the type of metric.
So I would like to gather the sample value and date for each metric type.
The final goal is to build some graphics with this.

How can I do the same without the .endswith function ?
I’m also trying to use the wildcard “.*” without success.

Thanks in advance.

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