Kubernets monitoring monitoring via Prometheus

hello team ,

Check Mk version : entrerpise 1.6p.13

I want to perform the monitoring of our openshift / kubernets clusters via check_mk , using prometheus

My use case :

  • Monitor global cluster information ( node , pods , service , deployment )
  • Monitor specific app inside a POD ( ex : a app inside" jboss running in pod )
  1. Issues n’ 01

I ve used the datasource as described in https://checkmk.com/cms_monitoring_prometheus.html

I have single hosts and with prometheus installled + node exporter then I have added this to my check mk , the I’ve configured the prometheus data source , then I got the following error :

Starting job…

    [special_prometheus] Execute data source
    [special_prometheus] ERROR: Agent exited with code 1: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)

[piggyback] Execute data source
No piggyback files for ‘myhost’. Skip processing.
No piggyback files for ‘’. Skip processing.

Someone have an idea ?

Kr ,



it is difficult to identify the exact problem with the provided error traceback. Could you eventually provide a screenshot of your Prometheus targets?

Hello @wontekh

I am sending you all of my configs