Ldap connection test with ldap.forumsys.com

To get myself more familiar with LDAP stuff, I create a forumsys ldap connection in checkmk-p16 instance.
But I am stuck at user filter sitting. Anyone can help ?
Also I found “save&test” button doesn’t work, I have to do save first so that new change will be tested.


In the Users section you have set the search scope to “Search only the entry at the base DN”. This is not the recursive search you want to have.


@r.sander Thanks a lot for this pointer.

  • After two changes shown below the ldap connection test is now passed :wink:

  • On latest p16 raw version, I confirm “save&test” doesn’t save the current changes and then test.
    One has to save your change first and the click on “save&test” to test with new change.

  • login as Boyle user from ldap.forumsys.com


  • I can file a bug report if need to.

Do not use cn as the User-ID Attribute as it contains the Firstname and Lastname of the account.
uid looks like the LDAP attribute in your case that stores the username.


  • What is the user ID attribute/Search scope setting to cover both DN with either cn or uid ?

My suggestion: Just add an uid attribute to this LDAP object.

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