Ldap issues after update

CMK version: 2.0.0p19 (CEE)
OS version: Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS

Error message:
after upgrading to 2.0.0p19 i have issues with ldap-logins. the users can still log in, but they no longer see any hosts or services. Their profile settings like darkmode or sidebar are also gone.
Under users, they are now also duplicated. Once with the samaccountname as ID. These are the accounts that worked until the update.
Once with the UPN as ID. These accounts have appeared after the update and see nothing.
The ldap test is successful.
Do you have any ideas?
Thank you in advance.

Do you have one or multiple LDAP connections configured?
Any changes on LDAP side that could cause this behaviour?

Good Morning,
it’s only one LDAP-Connection and nothing hast changed on that side.

could you post the content of the file


for one of the users (samaccountname as ID and UPN as ID)

here are the contents of the files. (I have made sensitive contents unrecognisable.)

{'contactgroups': ['sec-gl-XXXXXXXXX'], 'email': 'a-XXXXXXXXX@XXXXXXXXX.de', 'alias': 'a-XXXXXXXXX', 'user_scheme_serial': 0, 'connector': 'hceldap', 'ldap_pw_last_changed': 'XXXXXXXXX', 'roles': ['admin'], 'force_authuser': False, 'show_mode': 'default_show_more'}

{'contactgroups': [], 'connector': 'hceldap', 'force_authuser': True, 'roles': ['user']}

is it a general problem @_rb ?

I updated from p18 to 2.0.0p19 (CEE) today and encountered no AD/LDAP issues so far.

i could not reproduce this so far. Do you also have problems?
Untill now, we have no other bug reports for that

I had set a “LDAP connection suffix” in my LDAP-Connection-Config. After removing it, i was able to log in with the correct profile.
Do you have any idea how this could have happened? Could it be related to the update or was it just a coincidence?

Probably just a misunderstanding on your end. The update process would never change something like this randomly.