Legacy plugins migration

I have a question to check_mk development team but really don’t know where to ask.

My cmk is 2.0.0p1
My check_mk_agent is 1.6.0p18

I have these legacy plugins like dell_omsa_, dell_sw_ and dell_os10_ in appropriate folder


But when I’m trying to use them for my monitoring, I got this issue that I need to migrate them.

It’s understandable to me, but I found in github repo that you already in process of migration of many plugins.
So, is it possible that your team will migrate those plugins, that I mentioned before, in some near future or not?

If the plugin is inside “~/local/share/check_mk/checks/” then it is installed or modified by yourself or someone from your team.

Are these services used in your system at the moment?

It’s seems like. Initially, I have a WARNs from Check_MK service that says

Missing monitoring data for check plugins: dell_omsa_temp700

So I was trying to figure out what was wrong using

cmk --debug

and I have respond like this

Failed to auto-migrate legacy plugin to section: dell_omsa_temp700
Please refer to Werk 10601 for more information.

I understand, that I have to migrate them, but I just wondering if it’s possible that those plugins will be rewriten by Check_MK

To stay at the Dell OMSA example what makes your check different then the included OMSA checks?
The name of the temperature checks has the name “dell_om_sensors” inside the actual CMK.

Most times at such big migrations i saw that many of the modified checks are not needed anymore as they are included in the mean time.