Livestatus generate "Failed: Garbled automation response: "


This problem we have on our 1.5.012p Installation
Nobody change some files, only the agent is also connected to a version 1.6.09p Installation.
Where do I have to start looking for the error?

State: Failed. Started at: 08:56:12. Finished at: 08:56:13.
Failed: Garbled automation response:

Configuration error
Configuration error not logged in  

Cannot read configuration file /omd/sites/iprobe/etc/check_mk/multisite.d/wato/ name 'wato_tags' is not defined:

What do you mean with this sentence? Is the instance “iprobe” also connected with livestatus to the 1.6 installation?
If yes then it looks like something was pushed from the 1.6 to the 1.5.

Thanks for the answer.
Now the instance is deactivated in 1.6 - synchronization with WATO is also disabled. This does not solve the problem. What would be the next step in solving this problem?

I don’t understand correctly how your setup looks like.
But if there is something pushed from the 1.6 instance to this instance then you can only restore a backup before this push occurred.

I understand the problem that file was created by version 1.6.
We don’t have a backup!
We have 19 instances and all 19 instances have their own host and are managed by the same instance.
We have 1.5.0 instances that are still working correctly, can I take a from this site?
The are identical, file describes the infrastructure and if no changes have been made it should go.