Logout through nagstamon?


atm i am using the cmk 2 daily 2020-11-09 (yeah i know no support)
I have a weird problem, that i never noticed before.
I setup nagstamon 3.4.1 on several pcs now (reinstalled some and wanted to have them all the same),
now i noticed i get constantly kicked/logout on my browser, so i see on all the nagstamons “auth problem”.

Is it new that there can only be one active session? I never noticed this before. Is there a way to remove or change the limit of multiple user sessions?

There is a global setting “Limit login to single session at a time” that may be set in your site.

It is (unset). Just to make sure its not a bug, it set it enabled and disabled it again. Still the same, the moment nagstamon refresh the status i get kicked on the browser.

I just tested the same on 1.6.0p17 and it does not kick me. So I think thats a 2.0 “problem”. Anyone knows where can i report bugs like this?

I guess its related to this change:

Found it: feedback@checkmk.com