Looking for CMS Checks for Wordpress or Drupal

Hey guys

I’m looking for CMS checks for Drupal and Wordpress. Is here anybody who can recommend something?


I m checking typo3 by checking a page using the http check.
If the expected string ist ok everything is fine.
Filesystem, databases etc. could be checked using the standard checks.

Hey rprengel
Thank you for your information. Sure, all necessary server performance data like memory, filesystem is already inside. But I’m looking for some script for site updates / upgrades etc.

For Joomla I have an good plugin - whenever a new Joomla version is out, I get an Warning with an upgrade information.

I need something similar for Wordpress (Site and Plugins) and Drupal (Site)

there is nothing on checkmk exchange
may help.
It s poasible to use nagios checks in checkmk.

Hey Ralf
Sure I know - I use already a lot of Nagios checks. The Wordpress script there where very old (from 2011) - I tried one of them and it seems to be working, but I have to rewrite the whole script for CheckMK to get a clear output. Before I try this, I whould ask if somebody has something here.

And for Drupal I tried this one: https://www.drupal.org/project/nagios
But I can’t get it working in my testing environment. I installed the module on the server and try to get access to the site with the script. But locally and from the Monitoring Server I only get an “Page not found” issue.

I m not a developer but maybe other users here could help.