Make SNMP receiving port for mkeventd configurable per site

When running multiple sites, it is not possible to receive SNMP alarms for every site with different SNMP credentials. When having more than one site which wants to receive SNMP alarms, it is not possible as the SNMP receiving port cannot be configured per site and so only one site can run mkeventd on static port 162. This intended for a master/slave site setup.

But in our case each site is independent from another and each site monitors different hosts. So each site wants to receive SNMP traps with their corresponding SNMP settings that is maintained by their site admin. This needs the possibility to configure the SNMP port for mkeventd on per site basis.

There you can configure more than just one credential.

At the moment this is not possible but with a little bit extension of the mkeventd it is working the way you want.
I checked the code and extended it with some extra command line parameters and now I can set a receiving port above 1024 and don’t need the file descriptor used at the moment that it is working with a low port.
Now i “only” need to check and cleanup my code and make a pull requests on github :slight_smile:
With this extension it would be possible to have many instances with own mkeventd and also with own receiving port vor every instance.