"Memory levels for Windows" on virtual machines with dynamic memory given by Hypervisor


I have a problem with the Service “Memory levels for Windows”.
We use dynamic ram given by the HyperV-Host. So, for example maximum could be 16 GB, minimum is 2 GB. The virtual server ran up to now with maximum 10 GB, the other 6 GB were not yet needed.

The “memory levels”-value in that cmk-service is “warning at 95%” and “critical at 98%”.
The problem is: For cmk the maximum is 10 GB. cmk doesn’t know about the other 6 GB. So if the memory usage of that virtual machine is 9,5 GB, it warns me with warning-status, because it is 95% of 10 GB.

I hope that I have explained it reasonably well. I also hope that this problem is not a new one, because dynamic RAM is not a special case of the Windows Server world.

Thank you vermy much in advance.

First, I don’t use Hyper-V. However, if I understand this correctly, what would be required is a cooperative check between monitored guest and Hyper-V so that it could understand the “dynamic memory” that Hyper-V might assign to the guest should it need it.

Not a solution, just talking out loud about what might be required to implement such a check.

You are right about that.
This is not a HyperV-spacial feature, every Hypervisor (vmware, kvm, citrix…) works with that.

The question is something else here. When does the allocated memory increase?
You have the same phenomenon with auto increase table spaces and so on.

What i would do is define a host tag for hosts with dynamic ram and bind a special rule to this host tag what is considering the right threshold for the increase of allocated memory.

For HyperV i made some “special agent” and some checks where one is also showing if dynamic ram and how much is defined.


thanks for your advice.
Can you explain what kind of “special agents” and “some checks” do you mean?

You looked at the Github Link?
There you find some Powershell scripts for HyperV monitoring and also the checks needed to process the output.

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