Migration from nagios to check_mk

I want to migrate plugins from nagios to checkmk. I could migrate some of them but the binaries present in the /etc/nagios/plugins are not being fetched as they are nagios binaries .
I am following the method of creating mrpe.config in check_mk_agent and performing the checks. Is there a way to migrate these

there are 2 types of Nagios plugins you can use with Checkmk:

  1. Serverside plugins: These run on the Checkmk server and fetch the information. You copy these plugins into the directory local/lib/nagios/plugins inside your Checkmk instance. Afterwards you configure the following via the rule Setup > Other services > Integrate Nagios plugins

  2. Clientside plugins: You have to install these on the respective hosts and create the file mrpe.cfg on the hosts so that they are executed by the agent.


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