MIgration of perfdata from pnp4nagios to CMC


I just wonder if someone could help me or point me in the right direction

I have two CM instances:
Host A - Comunity Edition that has been upgraded to Enterprise at some point
Host B - Enterprise Edition

Now I need to migrate hosts along with perfdata from Host A to Host B.

The problem is that perfdata in Host A are in ~/var/pnp4nagios/perfdata// where i can see 3 files for each host:

  • .rrd
  • .info
  • .xml

On Host B all perfdata files landing in ~/var/check_mk/rrd// and there are only 2 files when you create a host. When I move perfdata files from Host A to Host B they are not picked up and I can’t see any historical data in new instance

I did some reading and I assume it’s due to CE version using nagios as core while enterprise version set it up straight to CMC.

Do you guys know how to migrate perfdata in the most efficient way so they work in Enterprise version


Maybe this werk helps:

Spoiler: The command you ask for is cmk --convert-rrds -v.

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The documentation:


@Dirk and @r.sander Thank you guys. I will have a look


The command worked but for some hosts i’m getting something like that:

  HOST: xxx-001-ilo
       ERROR: 'service'

The host is present in CMK and has all graphs and services working properly. Any ideas ?