Mk_sap Pyrfc issues

Hi folks, been playing around with the mk_sap plugin, now that it has been redone for pyrfc, trying to get it working for a challenging customer env.
We are unable to install agents on their systems, so planned on using special agent calls from the monitoring server, and simply building up a sap.cfg with all the systems and details.
We do have access to run RFC’s, so the plan was to do that, pull as much data out as we can, and then potentially code some specific tcode things like SM51, SP01…
But when ever we run the plugin and point it to the remote server, it runs, comes back with <<<<>>> OK but never builds the state file, or gives any data. There are a number of threads pointing to an old blog/post around running in this setup ( ) but does not seem to exist anymore :frowning:
So what are we doing wrong ? I can run pyrfc custom queries with the same login info, and get data back from CCMS* and TH_SERVER_INFO and the likes, but does not seem to want to run through the “tree” no matter what we set.

Hi Approyocto,

can you tell me where you found the new PyRFC version of mk_sap?