Monitor 10K sensors

Hi team,

May I know what is the best servers specs (RAM, HD, CPU) to cater these matters since my ISP company have many sensors to be monitor.

Pls advise.

This depends on your type of monitored infrastructure.
If it is mostly SNMP devices the needed resources are higher then devices monitored with agents.
In my environments i calculate 30-40 services per device and between 50-100 devices per CPU core.
More cores is better :slight_smile:
HDD size is not the big issue, the type (SSD) is important.


A good reference for calculation are the CMK-Appliance:

thanks bro for the information

This is a good reference, but the Appliance uses the Checkmk Enterprise Edition, which you can’t compare performance-wise with the Raw Edition. In the Raw Edition, you need a bit more hardware for the monitoring.

I plan to do an info page around hardware sizing in the next weeks anyway, so that we have some good reference values.