Monitoring Agent for Synology

Hi there,

I would like to monitor our Synology, to be precise the Active Backup for Business.
There was / is an agent for Synology (, but it can no longer be installed on DSM7 :frowning:

Is there another way to monitor the backups?
Expand SNMP?
Set up NSCA?

I look forward to possible solutions.

Many Thanks.


I too would very much like to know the best way to install the checkmk agent on DSM 7.

The safe way for the future would be the available WebAPI.

As an example this is the call to fetch all available API endpoints.


with the params

version: 1
method: query
query: all

The dev guide for login to the API resources can be found here.

For active backup you have then the possibility to fetch information with an call like this.


here you need the params

version: 1
method: list
_sid: auth_sid