Monitoring local S3 Storage

Hi dear checkmk Forum

What I already tried
We have a local S3 storage. The Connection is over AWS like this:
s3 = boto3.resource('s3',endpoint_url='https://s3.domail.tld')
(in this Example the Access- and SecretKey is saved in the AWS Config).

In the /cmk/special_agents/ we have the line 4344:
session = create_session(args.access_key_id, args.secret_access_key, region)
So, there is no “Endpoint URL” defined. Also the boto.session command does not include the parameter endpoint_url.
I tried on an test installation from checkmk with the boto3.resource and with an endpoint_url - till the test installation ends in a 500 ServerError.

My target
The “how” is not so important, but I should have some monitoring datas in the checkmk.

Is there a way to implement the local S3 Storage in checkmk?

Thanks a lot for your help and inputs,

You would need to derive a new special agent just for S3 based on agent_aws or maybe use an existing Nagios Plugin.

Thanks r.sander for your reply.
That is what i tried - so I will try on.