Monitoring Search for "Location"


We are using cee 2.0.0p9 for Network Monitoring ( Cisco’s ) . It works real well. We use also NetDisco for Discovery and import the Devices via API to check-mk. All Good.

Netdisco has also the possibliity to “search anywhere” and we could search for the syslocation ( full scan ) . Which means also Parts of the String . This is important and otherwise not use able .

In Check-mk we imported the sysLocation as a Host Label ( Loc:XXXX ) .

Now with “Search in Monitoring” we can serach for a Host Label , but it needs an exact match and some sort of complicated syntax . ( hl: Loc:XXX) .

Now i just wonder why there never have been a generic need for a “Host Description” field , where we could put into the sysLocation and can search for it …

Maybe this could be done, and i just don’t know how :slight_smile: .

Best regards, Dietmar

You could use the host alias for that purpose.


Thx for your quick response, i tried this, but actually the result is the Location and not the Device . So if i search which Devices i have in a Location i would need to see the Device and not the Location Text put into Host Alias …

The exact Search Result of a Host Label returns the Device .

Thx, Dietmar


I will import the Host alias with “basename of sysName + sysLocation”. Then the search output result makes more sense .

I think that will work and the “Alias” makes more sense again …

Thx for the Idea.

Br, Dietmar

you can also use a custom host attribute (Setup > Custom host attributes) and then use the filter “Host custom attribute”.


Hi Karl,

Thx for your suggestion, i have finished configure sysLoc with the Host Alias and it works as it should . I tried the Custom Host Attributes , but i have not found a way to search for it . I miss the filter on host custom attribute … It is not in the mouse over help in “search for monitoring” and it did not find my text i entered in the custom field as such , and also i have not found it as a View Filter ( + add Filter does not show host custom attribute )… hm .

I also like that the Host Alias is already included in the notification and all searches are host + host alias . This is the easiest way to navigate and find what the user wants/know of the device.

So if nothing special happens i will stay with this.

Ofc it would be nicer to use a “Location” Host Custom Attribute , but if the search is not possible it makes not that much sense.



If you just have a fixed small number of locations, you can add a host tag “location” with each of your locations to choose from. You can then build a host group for each location.

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I have added the Cisco_Model to a Host Tag because of this ( small number of fixed Values ) . This does not work for sysLocation at this site. I still have the location as a Host Label included (Loc:xxx ) . At the End it was the “Search anywhere” to see how i could search in Monitoring for the sysLocation. With the Host Alias it works for me.




You can create a view to do this as long as you have Do status data inventory turned on in a Do hardware/software inventory rule.
Screenshot 2021-10-08 at 10.58.41
You then create a host view which filters on the SNMP location - note that you can use a regex here to search for partial (and mulitple) strings: