MSSQL Backup summary Instance & tablespace name


I would like to configure a rule to set the Default state of no backup to critical.

I think the Rule “MSSQL Backup summary” should work for this.

My Problem is that I don’t know what I have to enter in the field “Instance & tablespace name”

The Output from the Agent looks like this

MSSQL_MSSQLSERVER|tempdb|-|-|-|no backup found
MSSQL_MSSQLSERVER|vorfall|-|-|-|no backup found

I tried several combinations of the Instance name and database but none of them worked

I would do it that way to get the information:

  1. Search for the host in the web interface.

  2. Open the action menu of the service I am interested in > Parameters for this service

  3. Click on MSSQL Backup summary

  4. Click on Add rule for current host and instance & tablespace name

  5. Checkmk generates the pre-filled rule with the correct values for you: