MSSQL Transactionlogs 1.6.0p12


we want to monitor MSSQL Transactionlogs.

The vbs-Plugin works fine in general, but we do not understand the transactionlog service:

The service “MSSQL Transactionlog xy.log” shows status details like “OK - 7 MB of 2 TB used, 683 MB of 2 TB allocated”.
Our MSSQL-Admin expects values like “7MB used of 683MB allocated”. Where do the “2 TB” for the used and the allocated space came from, what does ist mean?

The 2nd small problem: when we try to configure parameters via ‘action menu’ -> ‘parameters for this service’, we do not find a link to the correct transactionlog rule for this service.
Direct via WATO -> Host and Service Parameters, the rule “MSSQL Transactionlog Sizes” can be configured. Is this a bug?