Multiple check_ldap on a host

Hi all,

There are two LDAP instances running on the same host and I would like to set up checks for both.

I created two rules on WATO under active checks, the only difference is TCP port number. However, only one check is showing up on the board with name “LDAP hostname”, I cannot see them both.

I don’t see a name or description option available for check_ldap service definition which seems to be the cause. Is there a workaround for this?


Most likely this is because they have the same name, you need to define explicit and different names for both checks

BR Thomas

Actually in this check, Name is referring to Hostname not the name of the check display on the board.

It’s used for specifying -H, see

No it doesnt :wink: :

BR Thomas

You are right! Unbelievable, I am pretty sure I tried changing that name already.

But thanks, I am glad I asked here.

By the way, are you using Enterprise version as I don’t have this ! with description here on Raw.

These yellow boxes with the information text? That’s the online help. Available in the raw edition as well.
Just click on the gray “books” symbol in the top right of the screen. Yes, it’s not very obvious, I’m afraid.

and the checks are the same, whether CRE or CEE :wink:

BR Thomas

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Very cool, I saw them now!