Multiple checkmk servers per agent

Is it possible to have multiple checkmk servers based on raw and enterprise versions, monitor a single raw agent on a host?
e.g. A windows host being monitored by two different checkmk servers.
Are there any implications to be considered? Thanks

You can use the ‘check_mk_caching_agent’.
The caching agent saves which Checkmkserver has already received the agent information and doesn’t poll the agent every time.

Take a look at this WERK:

I hope it helps



Looks like this is just for Linux agents?

I’m not sure if you can use this for windows as well. But generally it is possible to query one agent with different checkmk servers

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Yes. it is possible to have independent sites - having different OMD versions like 1.5.x and 1.6.x and also having different editions to query a single agent on a windows or a Linux server. This is not recommended in Production but in case you are doing some troubleshooting and want to see how the output from the agent looks like when being parsed by the different OMD versions.

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