Multiple Instances reverse proxy

I don’t know if my problem is more related to checkmk as i suspect to be on apache’s side.

I set up two instances of checkmk one dedicated to monitoring networking devices.
The second one for systems.

So far no problem the first instance work perfectly i can reach it by typing the fqdn and i configured it since couple of days now.

I recently created the system instance and i can’ t seems to make it work with the proxy.

if i type https :// no problem i get the first networking instance

if i type https :// apache redirect me with but if i force replace the http://ip by https ://checkmk.domain then i reach the second instance.

The reverse proxy and checkmk are in container, and both instances are in the same container

Checkmk docker is opened in 4001:5000 and 4002:5001 the instances are in for the cmk one (the working one) and for the system one

here is a preview of my apache vhost

         ProxyPass / ""
         ProxyPassReverse / ""
         <Location /systems>
         ProxyPass   ""
         ProxyPassReverse   ""

i didn’t include the ssl engine lines since it’s not that relevant but note that the certificat is self signed until the admin sign my csr i doubt it can break the whole conf.

I tried putting hsts flag too nothing change.

What i don’t understand is why would it fails on the first try on then succeed i have made a mistake in the reverse i’m fairly sure.


Nevermind found the issue i got the path wrong in the reverse proxy