Multiple parent hosts dependency - make a child host unreach when any parent host is down


I am wondering if it is possible to mark a host as unreachable when any of the parent hosts are marked as down, rather than all parent hosts needing to be down.

Hypervisor is connected to 2 switches. The hypervisor is monitored via switch01, but the VMs are monitored via switch02. I would like to avoid getting an alert flood for down VMs when either the hypervisor or switch02 become unavailable for any reason.


This is a scenario which is not easily done with parent relationsships.

One solution I came up with is to create an additional dummy host for the hypervisor to make parent relations like this:

mon - switch01 - hypervisor
  + - switch02 - hypervisor_dummy - VMs

The hypervisor_dummy host gets the same IP as the hypervisor host but is PING only. It will go DOWN if the hypervisor is DOWN but the VMs will still be reachable if switch01 is DOWN.