Need help with RobotMK

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to understand RobotMK but it confuses me a little.

There is a manual on the github page but it seems the tutorial is for a missing test-suite. I installed the test-suites from the RobotMK test drawer instead, but CheckMK doesn’t show me any results.

What I don’t understand: where to find the needed variables for the CheckMK Plugin.
Or how to provide them from the results i get from the report generated by the robotframework.

My goal is to get RobotMK+Seelenium-library working. Getting some results from the WebDemo is my first step.

Can someone point me in the right direction, please

I hope you have installed the mkp package from the Exchange?
The next steps are different if you have the Enterprise or Raw edition from CMK.
If you use the Raw edition you need to create the yml file for your test manually or with Enterprise you can use the agent bakery.
These steps are shown on the github page from RobotMK.

The check by itself is processed from an agent as a monitoring plugin.

I installed it from the Exchange and the yml file was created by the bakery.
‘Robot Framework Service Discovery’ is configured too.
My guess is that the variables are wrong but i can’t figure out what to use there.

The test-suite mentioned on the github page doesn’t exist and the test-suite from the git source-tree won’t give me results.


The test-suite generates a report.html. The question is how do i get my values from there?
I tried alot with the variable names, but nothing seems to work.

Ok, a very simple solution: Don’t configure variables. i removed them from the config and now it works.
That happens when the actual test is different from the one in the guide.
Right now the name and path of the robot-suite is all I configured.

Nice the read that it works :slight_smile:
I have not enough time to test or simulate such setups on the fly.

Hi @tero,
glad you found a solution and sorry for the late response (I was on vacation).
There is not much documentation for RobotMK at the moment (there was a change in the YML structure and I am afraid the Demo is not up to date with that…)

To clear things up:

  • report.html is (currently) of no use for RobotMK. It contains a human readable form of the test result and all Keywords. I am planning a feature to integrate this page as well in the plugin output so that the RobotMK check on the server side can store this report somewhere in the OMD filesystem. Perhaps a small landingpage could provide access to the latest HTML report. (…)
  • The RobotMK plugin is responsible for calling the Robot test and to process the result.xml file. It then gets appended to the agent output, including an additional first line - which you probably know as the section header:
  • The bakery allows you to define variables which are then written to the robotmk.yml file. This should work in any case and is the only way I would recommend you to configure them. Writing the file by hand is reserved for RAW edition users without a bakery. Just give it a try and compare the variable definition written by the bakery and the one you used from the Webdemo. The must be a difference.

Feel free to ask if there is something else I can help you.

RobotMK maintainer

Thx for the reply and the info. It is working for now and I’m about to write our own test-suite.
We’ll see how it goes :slight_smile: