Network Interface Grouping


I only just noticed that the network interface groups I created are no longer getting any data since migrating to 2.0. I mainly use them to see the LACP throughput for a connected system, and now the service are marked as vanished on service scan and the WATO rules are marked as deprecated.
I couldn’t find anything in the changelog, what am I missing here?


try a fullscan of services on the host (tabularasa)

or on the cli:
cmk -IIvv yourhost
usally it works after

sadly, tabularasa doesn’t give me the grouped service item

so check if you have the rigth rules for that


also take a look if your are affected by this change

These rules weren’t touched since migrating from 1.6 to 2.0, but your linked werk says it all:

The rule “Network interface groups” is now deprecated and not applied any more.

I moved them to the new ‘Network interface and switch port discovery’ rules and now I got my combined stats back. I guess there were to many incompatible changes and somehow I overlooked this one :man_facepalming: