New Install - No Graphs - User Sad

Performed a fresh install of Raw 1.6.0p20 on Ubuntu 20.04. After install, I added a single host (localhost).

However, when attempting to look at any of the performance graphs, selecting the Perf-O-Meter, I get this…


Am I missing something that, perhaps, was not correctly configured as a part of the scripted install?

Thanks in advance!

I am also facing same error , could someone please suggest? some help much appreciated.

Xavier Starwin

Apologies for not replying back to this thread. I was able to resolve the issue by reverting back to a fresh install of 18.04 LTS.

It appears that ver 7.4 of PHP is the default with 20.04 and pnp4nagios (graphs) in Check_MK has issues with 7.4. Ubuntu 18.04 defaults to PHP 7.2 which pnp4nagios is happy with. I wasn’t up for back-reving PHP on 20.04.

Hope this helps!


I checked on one of my machines - Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS
CMK 1.6.0p21 RAW
PNP4Nagios is working.

Is it possible that only one of the PHP modules is missing on your system?
Can you check if “php7.4-xml” is this installed?

i have php 8.0 installed in my machine.

whereis php
php: /usr/bin/php8.0 /usr/bin/php /usr/bin/php.default /usr/lib/php /etc/php /usr/share/php8.0-sqlite3 /usr/share/php8.0-opcache /usr/share/php /usr/share/php8.0-xml /usr/share/php8.0-common /usr/share/php8.0-gd /usr/share/php8.0-readline /usr/share/man/man1/php.1.gz

Ubuntu 20.04 has only 7.4 as normal PHP version. I think then the PHP 8 is the problem.