New Package Version

Hi there,
I would like to upload a new version here:
However, I miss the button to do so. I guess this is because I uploaded the initial version without or with a different account, but I cannot find out how.
Can I somehow claim this package to do the upload?

Hi @rons4 and welcome to the checkmk community.

I guess some of the team members will read this topic, sooner or later and will help you.

Thanks a lot and I will try to get in touch with them directly as well.

Hey @rons4
I just attached the package to your account on the Exchange. When you are logged in you should be able to upload a new version.

It works. Thank you for your quick help.

Thanks @baris.leenders for the fast response.

Hi there,

Some days ago I uploaded a new package version here:
I wonder is someone can check and approve it or how long it usually takes to review this.

Also, I uploaded a new package version (for a different integration here), but this was just today :wink:

Sorry, it seems I cannot post links here.

Thanks a lot


Hi @rons4,

The packages get reviewed within 15 working days. But for this month many people are in vacation, so it might take some more time.

Thanks for your patience! :smile:

Hi back and thanks a lot for letting me know :wink: