No Agent Execution during Downtime

it would be desirable to be able to say that the agent should not be queried at all when setting a downtime. Sometimes you don’t want the agent to run at all during maintenance. Would such a switch be conceivable? Or is there already another possibility for this?


Only one thought of a possible solution.
Downtime triggers not a notification but an action → action uses API to disable active checks on the host.
End of Downtime then re enable the checks with an action.
This should be possible to do with the notification system.

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Hi Christian,
why do you want to switch off the agent execution in downtime? Sometimes it is important to sse what happen with the system during downtime, like Processes come up or not after patching. When you switch off teh execution, all information will not collect during this timeframe like metrics.
The given hint from @andreas-doehler is a solution, but you should think about it.
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Hi Christian, I don’t want to disable execution on every downtime, but I would like to have the option. As I said, on some downtimes you don’t want the agent to run because the commands might interfere with the maintenance process.

Or other example, on a system apparently the execution of the agent causes problems with an application. To find out if really the agent is causing the problem, currently it is not enough to set a maintenance in checkmk, but I have to disable the whole host. The former would be an easier option.


Just my 2ct here: If the agent execution can interfere with any maintenance, you are most probably doing something wrong. The agent as we provide it is read-only. As long as you have no Schrödinger’s cat kind of situation, the agent cannot interfere. :slight_smile: