Non-host service monitoring

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I have a doubt, I am new with check_mk. I want to monitor a service of an external server for example port 25. I already created the rule to monitor the port and it works correctly but the problem I have is that I get the HOST as down then I am not able to remove because I really do not have that HOST.

Thanks for your help

If you want to monitor a port or active service on a host, but the host itself is not reachable (pingable), you can use a WATO rule for that:

Setup → Host monitoring rules → Host checks → Host check command
Create a new rule for the host. Under “Host check command”, select ether “Always assume host to be up”, which means that the host check is always OK (green).
Or alternatively, select “Use the status of the service”, and select your TCP Port Check. This means that the host is considered UP if and only if the Port Check is OK.


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With what you indicated, I was able to solve it.