Notification - additional Plugin Output

Hi all,

I am working with Check_mk version 2.0.0p4 in email notifications. I found that in the previous version and the ones I am using have a difference in the names in the email notifications, this specifically in the option “Additional plugin output”
When the mail is received in the previous version in the table it was called “Plug-in output” and now in the new version it is called “summary”

Also note that when the recovery or critical mail arrives it does not always bring the data of “Critical” and “OK” which I need because there is an automation that they are doing and they need those values that in the previous version if they appeared.

Does anyone know how we can make it look like the previous version?

New version

Victor Pineda

This depends on the plugin and how it creates the output. There is no rule or plugin dev guideline that the status must be inside the output.

One idea is to extend the mail body with a line only showing the status (OK, WARN and CRIT).
This should be the easiest way.

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your help and for responding.

Victor Pineda