Notification every Morning and Performance Counters


we are using Checkmk 1.6.
We need to recieve Notifications for some Hosts every Morning, so that we are notified at what happened during the last evening / night. If we disable Notifications for the afternoon by using a Time Period, then no new notifications arrive in the morning, since the Problem has already occured earlier.
The other solution was to disable the Checking in the afternoon hours completely, but then we lose Performance counters for those times.
Repeating Notifications also does not seems to help, since if we set it too low it will spam, and if too high it will take too long to notify us ( If a problem happens at 07:50, we would be notified at ,say 9, depending on setting.).

Is there any other Solution for this? Thanks in advance

If you run Checkmk Enterprise Edition, you can use Reporting for that. Create a report that contains exactly the host/servics for which Notifications are turned off at night, and filter only WARN and CRIT states. Schedule the report to be sent every morning, right after Notifications start working again.

With the Checkmk Raw Edition, no Reporting is available. But it’s possible to define a view (maybe more than one) which contains the required information. A shell script triggered by cron could receive the view as JSON or CSV files through the Multisite API, and send it by e-mail unless it is empty.

Hello Heavy,

thanks a lot for your reply, that’s a great idea ! I will give it a try, thanks a lot.