Notification for specific Check


I would like to know if its possible to get only an alert when the state from a check wents from warning to critical/failed.
(I know the check should’t be on the Warning state per default)

Example: This check should send only alert when his state changes to failed

Is this possible in CheckMK?
I hope the explanation was clear.

Thank you in advance

you should hava a look in the condition of the rule based notification. There are a lot of options to use. See Notifications - via Email, SMS, Ticketsystems and more ( for more information.


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Thank you @ChristianM for your answer.
Can you tell me exactly which rule it is? (only for the check I mentioned)


You have to create a new Notification like this:

(Send Notifications for Service X, if any Service State changes to Critical)

for in deep explanation of Notifications, check the Link @ChristianM posted.

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Danke / Thank you Holger, thats it :wink: