Only one notification during service problem

cmk-version: 2.0p19 raw


is it possible to configure a notification rule to get only one notification during a service problem?

Printer → Toner supply = almost empty could be a very long period changing state from crit (< 10%) to OK before toner supply is really empty, printing not possible anymore and toner supply have to get changed.

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I am not sure about the raw edition. I remember it was the default behavior in our old Nagios installation to send every 5 min the alert. In checkmk CEE the default is sending only one notification. To send it frequently we had to setup rule “Periodic notifications during service problems”
In the notification rules you also have the possibility to restrict with: “Restrict to nth to mth notification” you can set this to 1:1 for your Toner services.

I hope that helps


thanks for your reply! Sounds good, i´ll give it a try.