Oracle Check not working since Upgrade 1.6 to 2.0

Since we updated to 2.0 (currently 2.0.0.p19) the Oracle Checks stopped working on an Oracle Cluster (Version It end with this error:
[set_ora_env] ORA-99999 ORACLE_HOME for SID ‘removed’ not found or not existing!
I digged it down to this command getting empty output:
$("${crs_home}"/bin/crsctl stat res -p -w “((TYPE = ora.database.type) and (GEN_USR_ORA_INST_NAME = ${ORACLE_SID}))”
Anyone an idea what maybe the reason and how to fix it?

No Oracle here, so I’m only taking wild guesses:

  • did you update the agent plugin(s) on the client as well?
  • did you trigger a re-discovery of services on the Oracle host(s)/cluster?

Hi, yes, plugin is updated via backery and the problem is within the plugin.