Package not attached to my account; can't upload update

Hi, some years ago I published the package “adsl line” to the exchange. Meanwhile I updated my package since the original version was not compatible to check_mk 2.0 and higher. Unfortunately I can’t update the package in the exchange, it seems that I didn’t even have an account for the exchange until some minutes ago. How to proceed?
Regards, Uli

Perhaps @Sara can help?

Hi there!

I would be happy to help, but I’m afraid it might require help from my colleagues who are already on Christmas holidays :thinking:

@f-zappa can you please DM me in the beginning of the year, so we could take a look with the team? If you want to find a solution ASAP we might try to create another package, but I would try to avoid doing it this way.

Hey @f-zappa,
The package should now be added to your account.

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Thank you! Uploaded the new version of my package now.

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