Parent Child Dependency Alert level Mapping

Hi Can we map Parent and Child Service nodes in Check MK.
and when both child and parents checks goes down i need to visualize the relation ship something like

Parent Alert
|--------Child Alert 1
|--------Child Alert 2

and in this case we will create a ticket only to Parent Alert as in this example it is considered as DOWN .

hello Beck,

have you tried using a BI Rule?

Hi yes , i have gone through BI and created some aggregations too .
However if get an alert on parent node and its effecting all the 10 child nodes below .Then TACTICAL OVerview should show my alerts on Only parent Node and not on Child node .
I know its bit tricky requirement but this is what we want to achieve .


If TACTICAL overview has 11 alerts and if i click on 1 alert i need to get all the child alerts below that and not in regular way as we see in check mk .