Parent/Child relationship for services

Hi All,
I looked for a while but was not able to find anything regarding parent/child relationship for services as well.

I do have 3 hosts (A, B and C)
Host A is parent of host B and that’s working perfectly with the current parent/child relationship.
Host C is not child of neither host A or B but have a Service (a network drive mount) that is child of host A (which hosts the network drive).
Is it possible to configure some relationship between the service on host C and host A so that the same rule that is applied between host A and B is also applied between host A and service of host B?

This should be very useful when I need to perform maintenance on host A but don’t want to go around setting downtime on all other hosts that have a service that depends on host A.

Many thanks to all and have a nice day.

service dependencies are not present yet, buuut:

keep voting here and hopefully it will be Check_MK Services Dependencies across hosts - Checkmk

If you don’t want to wait for a new feature you should take a look at the BI setup inside CMK.
I have some systems where we only have notifications on configured BI aggregations.
There you can implement such a setup.


Eww, service dependencies. :fearful:

tribe keeps reacting like that, but there are clearly use cases :stuck_out_tongue:

I am aware that there are use cases, but that does not invalidate my (personal) aversion. :wink: