Perf-O-Meter at TLS Certificates Check

Hello checkmk Community,

I am using the active “Check HTTP service” with the mode of “Check SSL Certificate Age” in order to check the age of my TLS certificates. I wonder why there is no graph in the Perf-O-Meter:

To my mind, it would be great to see the count of days until those certificates will expire. (Or am I missing something?)

I think the answer is very easy at this check → no performance data = no perf-o-meter
check_http has no option to output the time left as a performance value.

Hence the feature request is to add performance data output on check_http :wink:

Then you need to make the request more likely here →


Also check_http does provide a lot of performance data, but not in certificate mode. Certificate mode only checks the validity of your certificate, which is everything it needs to do. If you are interested in the performance of that web endpoint use the normal check mode which reports performance data and can also be tuned to report even more performance data.

I think @webernetz wanted the time the cert is valid as a decreasing number.

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Yes, exactly. I don’t want to monitor the performance of this HTTP(S) server, but the lifetime of the certs. So that in the summary view / service search you could see the lifetime of all certs in the Perf-O-Meter, rather than to read it within the text output such as “… will expire on Tue Jan 11 04:27:16 2022”.

Got you.

Well then I am going to say: What @andreas-doehler said:

Also, @andreas-doehler you pointed out in another thread that I cannot find right now, how to build custom Perf-o-Meter elements. Maybe you can provide a link here.

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