Perf-O-Meter different Filesystems / Multiple Service Names

Hello everybody,

for some time now, we have been running various views that show us the load of our hosts and display something like memory or disk space graphically in the form of a perf-O-meter.

This has always worked quite well so far, because the partitions all have the same names and the diskusage check is always called Filesystem /partition.
Now, however, we have changed some of the hosts to the filesystem btrfs, so the check is now called Filesystem btrfs /dev/sda4 and it is no longer displayed with the other filesystems in one view.

But we want both filesystems to be displayed together in one view and in one perf-O-meter. What is the best way to do this, since I can only set one check name in the service name in the view?

My first attempt was to manage this using rulesets. I found the function Alternative Displayname for Services, which allows me to assign an additional name to these services. I understood the function to create a kind of label which can be assigned to the services and then you can use it in the view instead of the direct name of the check.
But this does not work in the view. In the parameters of the check, the alternative display name is displayed correctly.
Did I simply misunderstand the function here, or did I make a mistake somewhere else?

Another possibility would be to assign several check names to a column in the view. This with an or condition. I have read that chaining with a pipe ( | ) can work.
However, if I add to the service name this string Filesystem /partition | Filesystem btrfs /dev/sda4, nothing is displayed. I have already tried this in various variations with quotation marks etc.

Alternatively the use of regex as service name would surely work.

Does anyone have the same problem? Or is there a way to create such “mixed” views?

Greetings Janik