Perfometer color change based on service state


Using the metrics system takes a lot of burden away from coding perfometers.
The nice possibilities in the old way of creating perfometers was the ability to change colors of the perfometer based on the it’s state. For instance, if state is “Ok” show green, if state is “Warn” show the performeter in orange, if “Crit” state, show it in red.
I (well, actually some of our customers) miss this option in the perfometers now.
Would it be possible to add this option to the perfometers in the metrics system, by for instance adding “scalar” options where you can overwrite the color based on it’s state? Either in the perfometer_info section or in the metric_info section.


‘type’: ‘linear’,
‘segments’: [‘oos’,
‘total’: ‘oos:max’,
’warn’: ‘24/a’,
’crit’: ‘14/a’,

in case warn and crit are omitted, no change is made.
This way, the option of changing colors of the perfometers can come back again.

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