Pfsense error with checkmk-v2

Hi Folks,

I have been running v1.6 fine. Deployed v2.0p recently and just went to add hosts last night. I am trying to figure out why my current pfsense cannot be contacted by the new v2 gui but v1.6 is still connecting fine.

I’ve been unable to find this error message in any of the CMK logs to discern what’s going on. My v2 CMK can telnet to port 6556 fine of the pfsense and get a valid data return (this IP is already in there from 1st deployment). I have NOT tweaked or touched anything with the pfsense check_mk agent.

When I add host and test, it gives this error below. Save → services, of course, just times out with nothing shown.

API Error:Your request timed out after 110 seconds. This issue may be related to a local configuration problem or a request which works with a too large number of objects. But if you think this issue is a bug, please send a crash report.

OK, this turned out to be user error. I didn’t realize when I added my VMware host via the rule that it caused all the agents to communicate differently. Noticed last night that my monitored hosts were all aged out over 20 hours. After reviewing and not ignoring what the agent warning was… I saw the VMware rule war the culprit. The pfsense and everything else connected fine afterwards.


Do set up steps for check_mk 2.0 agent on pfSense 21.02 look exactly as described here:


That post is almost 3 years old and I haven’t been able to find anything more recent.