Ping 'n Traceroute for IPv6 & IPv4

Hello community,

I have the following requirement but I’m not quite sure how to accomplish it. Maybe you can help me?

For each host I want to:

  • dependent on the “IP address family”: IPv4-only, IPv6-only, or dual-stack:
  • ping the host and show a graph for it (both Internet Protocols, if available, otherwise v4 or v6 only)
  • traceroute both IPs, again with graphs and so on

And to top it off, for some specific folders I want to do both of them (ping 'n traceroute) from multiple sites via distributed monitoring.

Is this feasible with only a few rules? I am a little bit confused about the rules for “Check current routing” vs. “Check hosts with PING (ICMP Echo Request)”. While the first one allows the “enforce xy” setting:

the second one shows some more options, but misses the “enforce xy” setting:

Thanks and kind regards

I wonder whether the question was too difficult or too trivial… :man_shrugging:t2:
Or am I the only person with this requirement?

I am not sure if I understood what you are actually asking.

The rulesets “Check host with PING” and “Check current routing” are both active checks. In general, each active check rule generates one check item on each host it is applied to. So, if you want to apply the rule twice on the same host, you need to create two rules with different parameters.

An active check is always executed on the Checkmk site where the host is monitored. If you want to ping/traceroute the same host from different Checkmk sites, you need to create the host object multiple times on each Checkmk site.

I hope this helps.

Edit: it looks like the traceroute check has no option to alter the service description. So there can only one check per host, and the service description is always “Routing”. I sent a bug report to the feedback mail address. For now, you can create two host objects if you need both IPv4 and IPv6 traceroutes.