Possibility to add a grafana panel as a dashlet to the CMK-Dashboard


maybe it’s an interesting feature to have a dashlet to integrate a grafana panel right into the CMK-Dashboard. Grafana has some nice features for the graphing and the panels would look nice in CMK.

Josef :slight_smile:

You mean apart from iframing something? Have you tried that? Adding an url in an iframe?

Btw: Not grafana related, but I just did this to add realtime elements into a checkmk dashboard where the graphs were coming from netdata.

I tried the iframe but this content get’s blocked:

If you control the servers, you should be able to configure things to help with this. Mind you, depending on what they might be doing, and the tactics employed, it could be hard (as hard as it would be to effectively embed Checkmk graphs into something… and let’s just say that is very hard).

I thought this messages comes from the browser from which I open the CMK. The servers are under my control but not the client notebooks that are using CMK

The cause of the blocking is the configured content security policy inside the OMD instance.
You can play around with the “security.conf” inside the “~/etc/apache/conf.d/”.