Possibility to only backup hosts and service configs?

I have the issue that one multisite instance doesn’t send notifications anymore. I now backed up the instance and installed on a fresh RHEL8 system.
I guess I did backup the error as well since I have the same issue again.
Is it possible to only backup the config for the hosts and services (about 80 hosts and 2k services)

2.0.0p12 (CEE) that is.


If you use the “omd backup” command with the switch “-N” or “–no-past” you only get the configuration and your local checks and extensions.
But you can also manually only copy the content of “~/etc/check_mk/” to the new system.
That’s the minimal config for your system.

Thanks for that but I tried that already. The notification error stays the same:

Version: 2.0.0p12, Spooler running, 4 corrupted files: youngest 14 d ago

Not sure if deleting these files will help as I deleted them on the old host without any change to the issue.