Postfix Advanced Monitoring


does anybody have or know a good check_mk/nagios/icinga compatible check in combination with the tool “pflogsumm” (which gives out pretty nice statistics, but is missing the “make-output-nagios-compatible switch” which we know from needrestart -p etc.)?

I would like to get more out of my postfix than just

eg. the amount of mails that were rejected in between the last check interval and the current one.

If not, would anyone be interested in it?

Hii Simon,
Yes this is a very good idea.

So, a little update here.

I have created a little python script, i put it under local/86400 so it runs every 24 hours. The pflogsumm command got the parameter -d yesterday. Unfortunately you cannot give the pflogsumm a time range, so that it’s more flexible.

The service metrics look like this:


The next steps will be to give each metric some proper min/max thresholds, since i used check_mk’s output format to change states by perfdata.

So I could need some input what great default thresholds for those metric could be. For the warnings it’s easy, but what about the rest…

PS: How can I make sure that some values are definitely int and not float. To me it looks like it’s a random choice made by pnp4nagios?!