Problem with availability reports > Context / Search Filters have no affect in version 2.1 (seams not to work!)

CMK version: tested with 2.1.0p4.cee and 2.1 release below p4
OS version: debian10 and centos 7

We have problems in getting our availability reports running with version 2.1.0p4.
In a report element there is a Context / Search Filter for the “Host” available - here we want to use
a Wato folder as a Filter.

In the old checkmk release (for example 2.0.0p*) this was no problem, I just run a test with 2.0.0p26.cee >>

  • I made a clone of the Builtin “instant_availability” report and added one content element > Type = Availability table / Datasource: All hosts
  • without the filter I see all hosts, with the filter to a specific wato folder I see only the hosts of this folder
  • in 2.0.0p26 everythings works as expected

doing the same steps in 2.1.0p4 does not work in our installations, here we see all hosts,

  • but if I use a filter to a wato host the list is empty !!
  • does someone has an idea how we can fix this, or how we can debug this further?


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Did you solve this?

I think I have the same problem… I have just started to evaluate Check_MK so I have only experience from 2.1.


it works now! If you use version 2.1.0p6, a customer of us and myself just tested it :wink:
Removed broken folders_by_id cache >> Werk# 14162 was the “bug” I think …