Problems with vCenter Server Appliance - OS: linux, [special_vcsa_services] Agent exited with code 1

I have a problem with the monitoring of our new vCenter Server Appliance. We just switched from the installed vCenter on a windows server to the appliance.

We’ve installed the agent on the appliance and made some changes in the “/etc/vmware/appliance/services.conf” to get the information out. That works fine.

But I get the following errors in the cmk gui:

CRIT - [agent] Version: 1.6.0p20, OS: linux, [special_vcsa_services] Agent exited with code 1: /omd/sites/vls/lib/python/urllib3/ InsecureRequestWarning: Unverified HTTPS request is being made

We don’t have that problem on any other server, is it because of the Photon OS or the special agent?

I also don’T know if I need both rules:

Check health state of VMware vCSA Services
Check state of VMWare ESX via vSphere

both are useing the API but the second one has more options and here I can also choose “Type of query: Queried host is the vCenter”. I tried to set “Disable SSL certificate validation: SSL certificate validation is disabled” - didn’t fix the problem.

Hope someone has a hint or solution :slight_smile: