Pros and Contras Virtual Appliance?


We use Check_MK version 1.2.4P5 and was installed before me on a CentOS machine.

Since we are planning to upgrade and renew contract I was looking into a Virtual Appliance. Besides it’s being virtual and probably easier to config than installing the packages on a Centos machine, does a Virtual Appliance have more advantages?

  • On what OS does the appliance run, is this CentOS?
  • Can I easily move from my current Check_MK config to the appliance based or do I have to configure from scratch?



Can this help you at all?


Thanks! Good idea to read the installation, bit more info :wink:

The appliance runs on Ubuntu.

You can migrate a site into the appliance with omd backup / omd restore. But you will first have to upgrade your site to a version the appliance firmware supports.

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easy setup, easy management
cluster setup out of the box
saves time if you are not managing check-mk every day using cli