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I am using cmc core so pnp4nagios seams not to be an option for the following:
I have a data center heat map with 126 temp sensors which currently shows only the current status (when refreshed). I am looking for an option to output all those sensors with a given timestamp. in the end i want to have a time slider enabling me to get back in time and have a look at temps at other times.

looks like livestatus has only live data.
Any idea to get those data?


maybe you can use the RRD files in var/check_mk/rrd?




I think its better to use data over livestatus:
Please take a look at the manual:




the two url’s do not tell me on how to query data of a given timestamp - which is not realy helpfull

This is possible but not so easy to achieve :slight_smile:
and it is only working with the Enterprise Edition.

The part with the metrics is missing inside the Livestatus documentation.
Here a small example

GET services
Filter: host_name = <hostname>
Filter: service_description = <service_description>
Columns: rrddata:m1:<performance data name>.max,1,*:<start time>:<end time>:1
OutputFormat: json

As a one liner it looks like this.
lq "GET services\nFilter: host_name = HOSTNAME\nFilter: service_description = Uptime\nColumns: rrddata:m1:uptime.max,1,*:1592037600:1592066400:1\nOutputFormat: json"


perfect - thanks
somebody should update the documentation

I gave the information to the responsible person. It will be fixed i think.

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